Our Torres project is a very unique remodel project in Carmel-by-the-Sea.  The main reason this project is so unique is because the homeowner is our principal architect and designer Mary Ann! This home had good architectural “bones” but was in need of a complete remodel. Although Mary Ann completed some small updates to the kitchen, bathrooms and living room when she purchased the home last year , she is excited to begin the extensive remodel of the home this year. For the remodel, Mary Ann is emphasizing green practices throughout the remodel and is on schedule for the property to be LEED certified.

Although it is sometimes challenging to be both the client and the architect of a project, it is also rewarding. We cannot wait to see the final home after the remodel is complete this summer.


Exterior shots of the home before the remodel began.


When the home was initially purchased it was in need of some updates. Above you can see the before (left) and after (right) shots of the living room. Mary Ann removed the old carpeting, stripping the floor to the substrate and gave the entire room a fresh coat of high-gloss white paint. The white paint helps minimize the large, rock fireplace and overall brightens the space.


Another view of the updated living room. Here you can see the entryway and kitchen from the living room.


The kitchen desperately needed to be brought into the 21st century. The existing flooring was removed and the sub-floor and walls of the kitchen were painted high-gloss white. Mary Ann chose IKEA red lacquer cabinetry and Caesar Stone countertops to replace the outdated finishes and added new stainless steel appliances. The cabinets, counter tops and appliances will all be reused in the new home. A new glass door to the courtyard adds some much needed light to the space, making all the difference in this dark kitchen!


Another view of the updated kitchen out to the living room and small dining area.


The bathrooms also needed updating! All of the existing finish materials were stripped to their substrates and painted in a high-gloss white in this room as well. The IKEA vanity and mirrored cabinet will be re-used in the new home.


The existing apartment on the lower level was just given a fresh coat of paint and is waiting to be integrated into the new home.


Once this lower level is integrated into the home, this will be where the future master bathroom will be.