Our Lobos Views home is a four-level, residential project that we are building along the coast in Carmel, California. We are working with Hunt Brothers Construction on this project as well.

Lobos Views 1

The home is being built into the hillside along the coast, so the crew spent many weeks excavating and drilling. After the excavation and drilling was complete, the crews started working on pouring the concrete for the different levels of the home. While on site, project architect Adam Jeselnick captured a great shot of the concrete being pumped from the truck up to the fourth level of the home (above).


After the shot-crete was complete, the crew began waterproofing the home. View of the front of the home from the first level.

Lobos Views 4

View of the second and third levels of the home with the waterproofing material installed.

Lobos Views 5

View of the future outdoor patio and BBQ area.


After the waterproofing material is installed, another layer of the concrete is added to the walls of the home. Above, is a view of the third and fourth levels of the home, the master bedroom suite and bedrooms.


View of the concrete wall that will stretch along the back of the master bedroom suite.

View of the stair hall looking up towards the sauna.

Lobos Views 2

Mary Ann stepping out of the future sauna.