The steel continues to be installed at our Carmel Valley Residence and the lower floor is starting to take shape. Framing on the main level of the home is complete and work has started on the window wall systems on the main level.


Above is a view of the lower level of the home looking towards the elevator and laundry room.


Here is a photo from the opposite direction looking at the garage and playroom on the lower level of the home.

Carmel Valley Residence IMG_1023

On the main level of the home, the steel decking has been installed to make way for the concrete at the entry way (shown on the far left) and for the grass roof above the garage and playroom on the right.

Carmel Valley Residence IMG_1046

Above is a photo taken from the entryway, looking down the hall towards the living and dining area of the home. On the left you can see the entrance to the master bedroom and bathroom and to the right you can see the library and, further back, the kitchen.

Carmel Valley Residence IMG_1024

Further down the hall, still looking towards the dining and living area, you can see the framing of the library (in the foreground on the right-hand side) and the kitchen (behind the library) has been built.


Above is a view of the dining and living room at the south end of the home. The kitchen and dining rooms will both have a large wall of windows to take advantage of the great view.


And here is a view of the same area of the home from the opposite direction, taken from the living room looking north.  On the right is the master suite – specifically the master closet and the master bathroom and to the left you can see the kitchen (in the foreground) and the library (behind the kitchen).


Above is a photo of the site taken from the far west edge of the patio. Starting in the bottom left of the photo and moving clockwise, you can see the guest house, library and kitchen.


Mary Ann and Tracey Hunt of Hunt Brothers Construction discuss the project at the south kitchen window.