So much has been accomplished at our Carmel Valley Remodel project this month!

Demo is complete and construction is fully underway. Just look at the progress from the exterior of the home over the past weeks since our last progress post.


It is hard to see in the “before” photo above that was taken during demo, but the existing roof line was very angled which concealed much of the view of Carmel Valley from the living room.

By removing the slanted roof and extending it to the second story, we were able to more than double the view from the living room and upstairs of the home.


The new living room wall takes full advantage of the view and brings so much more light into the space!


What a beautiful view that was largely hidden due to the old roof line! While most of the wall is made up of fixed, glass panes, a large, glass slider is located in the center to allow access to the deck off the living room.


From the second story of the home the view to spectacular as well. We can’t wait for the drywall and reclaimed oak to be installed on the ceiling!

Remember when we couldn’t wait to reveal the view from the future second story office? Now, instead of seeing the roof from the second story of the home, you can see the beautiful landscape beyond!




All we can say is WOW! What a difference this has made to the home! We can’t wait to share more photos as the finishing touches are added.