We were so thankful to have Bob Canfield photograph our completed Torres project! Our favorite photos will soon be up on our website, but we wanted to share some of the photographs of the completed project alongside shots taken of the original home (even before the initial remodel) to emphasize the amazing transformation this home has gone through.

We are so excited to have completed a second mid-century remodel in the Carmel area and are proud to say that we are currently scheduled for LEED – Gold certification.


Above is a photo of the home’s original entry.


After! Multiple updates later, the space feels crisp and inviting. The old door and window were replaced with one, large sliding glass door. By adding a wood wall made from reclaimed lumber from the site, we were able to section off a small courtyard area and accent the walkway to the new front door on the opposite side.



Before, the entryway was narrow and led into a dark living room where a large, dark stone fireplace was the main focus.


Wow! By removing the large fireplace and replacing it with a smaller, more efficient fireplace (situated on the right-hand side of the photo) we were able to open up the room and extend the bank of windows on the far side of the living room overlooking the trees behind the home.


The existing kitchen in the home was in much need of an update. Mary Ann installed IKEA cabinetry and newer, more efficient appliances during the initial remodel which were reused in the final kitchen remodel.


After! One of the kitchen walls was removed, extending the kitchen into the old entryway and allowing us to situate the dining table and chairs right off the kitchen.


The existing window at the end of the galley kitchen was removed and replaced with a large, glass slider which opens up to a courtyard complete with a second, outdoor dining area.


The former guest bedroom downstairs was transformed into the new master bedroom and bathroom.


By adding a wall to the original room, we were able to create a master bedroom and bathroom on the lower floor of the home. In the bathroom, we kept the large window allowing natural light into the space and added another sliding door which leads to an outdoor shower.

The existing fireplace was removed, making way for a long window bench and a new bank of windows in the bedroom. In addition, a large sliding door was installed to allow access to a small outdoor patio.


Stay tuned for more images of the completed project on our website!