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Corona Road – Early June Progress

Posted on June 6, 2014

Our Corona Road home is making a lot of progress! Julie Paulson, the project architect, was on site today and took some great progress photos. The roof is currently being installed on the caretaker’s unit, concrete forms were pulled off of the garage this week, and the walls are currently being ground down to prepare for the waterproofing installation.


Above is a view from the front of the gallery wall looking towards the caretaker’s unit.


Above is a photo taken from inside the garage, looking towards the main house.


In the photo above, you can see the four-car garage in the distance and the future master bath in the foreground.


Above is another view of the four-car garage. Eventually, the ground surrounding the garage on this side will be flush with the top of the roof line and planted, creating a green roof.


Corona Road – Progress in March

Posted on April 11, 2014

We have made a lot of progress at our Corona Road residence in the Carmel Highlands in the past month!

The foundation for the lower floor is complete and work is starting on the lower-floor framework.


Above is a view of the site looking along the driveway towards the home’s future entry.


Workers continue to make progress on the lower floor framework.


Above, is a view from the future green roof deck off the master suite. Such a gorgeous view!


The progress on the lower floor of the home framed in for the step-down dining room above.


The future skylight well can be seen to the left as workers place joist hangers for the floor framing.


Above, you can see the lower level has been back-filled at the concrete wall with crushed rock over a drainage mat.


A beautiful view of Pebble Beach in the distance with the master suite floor framing underway.

Corona Road

Posted on February 21, 2014

Our Corona Road project is a new construction project located in the Carmel Highlands. The lot for this roughly 5,000 sq. ft. home is located in a beautiful spot overlooking the ocean and surrounding hills.



Grading for the site was completed early this year and the foundation of the home has been poured. This month, work began on the concrete framework for the downstairs.




In the photo above, Mary Ann is standing in the future mechanical room/stairwell.


Because the site is in a remote location, the home will rely on a well for fresh water. Above is a photo of the water storage tanks. The water will be fed through a purification system before entering the home.


Above, Howerton Construction‘s Superintendent, David Soule shares a joke with Mary Ann.